A brand new way to buy energy for your home — at cost!

The right choice for your home!

If you are looking for an energy provider for your home, or wanting to switch from your current provider, let us show you how to save more each month.

Why we are different

Why we are different

Introducing a better way to buy your energy

Posted by Choice Energy on Monday, December 11, 2017

About Choice Energy

It’s your choice Alberta!

Choice Energy is a locally owned and operated Alberta energy retailer.

Based in Edmonton, our company is focused on delivering great value, great products and outstanding local service to all Albertans. We strive to be the most respected retail energy provider in Alberta, offering cost effective choices for today’s energy consumer.

Make us your first Choice for energy savings.

Want to know how you can save more every month?

Buy your energy at our cost!

Choice Energy is doing things differently. Offering energy at cost means you know exactly what you are paying for — ALL THE TIME.

— and start saving.

Electricity, Natural Gas Prices and Internet Plans

We have you covered. Choose the option that fits best for you, and start saving.

 Electricity Variable Rate Plan

 You pay what we pay (plus an Admin Fee   of $0.49 / Day)

 Electricity Fixed 5 Year Plan

 Energy 11.49¢ / kWh plus an Admin Fee       of $0.49 / Day

 *No early exit fees

Natural Gas Variable Rate Plan

You pay what we pay (plus an Admin Fee of $0.39 / Day)

Natural Gas Fixed 5 Year Plan

Energy $5.24 / GJ (plus an Admin Fee
of $0.39 / Day)

*Early Exit Fee of $250 Applies



A brand new way to buy energy for your home — at cost!